You can rotate an image by using:

Rotate Image Preset Degrees

  1. Select the image you want to rotate from the Images window.

    Image Window select image

  2. Go to Image menu and select one of the preset rotations.

    Image Window select image

    • Rotate 90 degrees Clockwise
    • Rotate 90 degrees Counter-Clockwise
    • Rotate 180 degrees

    The following example shows what would happen if Rotate 90 degrees Clockwise was selected:

    Rotate ninety degrees

  3. Check that the image has rotated after selecting a preset rotation. If you'd like to unrotate the image, use the undo function.

Rotate Layer Specified Degrees

  1. Select the layer that you would like to rotate from the Layers window.

    Layer Window select layer


  2. Go to Layers menu and select Rotate / Zoom Layer.

    Layer Properties Select

    The Rotate / Zoom Layer dialog box will appear on your screen.

    Rotate/Zoom Layer menu


  3. From the Rotate / Zoom Layer dialog box:

    1. Select the level of degree that you'd like to rotate the layer by the following methods:
      • Select the dial stick and drag it to move the dial stick until you set the desired degree.
      • Enter in the degree number setting directly in the degree box by typing in the degree value.
      • Enter in the degree number by using the up and down arrows of the degree box.
        Rotate Zoom Layer
    2. Click OK when the degree amount is the desired value.

    The following example shows what would happen if Rotate 127 degrees was selected:

    Rotate one hundred twenty seven degrees

Rotate Using The Move Selection Tool

If you only want to rotate a portion of an image, you can use the Move Selected Pixels tool.

For step by step instructions go to the Image Transformations>Move section of this guide.