Remove objects from photo

The Clone Stamp clonetool tool can be used to remove objects from a photo. Simply set the sample point to something next to the object and using the clone stamp brush, paint over the desired object to mask it.

  1. Select Clone Stamp clonetool from the Tools menu.
  2. Adjust the size of the clone stamp brush using the brush width drop-down in the Tools Settings Bar.
  3. Turn anti-aliasing on or off depending on desired outcome. When turned on, the painted edges are smooth. When off, the edges appear more jagged.
  4. Hold CTRL and click the desired part of the image to set a sample point.
  5. Click and drag, as you would with the paintbrush tool, to paint with the cloned sample point.

We'll use this photo of KFC as an example.


By selecting (CTRL + Click) my first sample of the brick wall, I'm able to begin to cover up the bottom of the KFC bucket.


Next, I set my sample to the sky and begin to paint over the top of the bucket.


Finally, the bucket is gone! But the wire is missing a large chunk.


I connect the wire using the Line tool and now it looks like there was never a bucket to begin with!