Choose Pencil or Brush

Pinta provides two tools for drawing (painting) directly to the image: the Pencil and the Brush.

The Pencil tool uses a hard edge and there's only one width and type of pencil. Whereas the Brush tool can be used to paint with smooth edges and you can change the width and type of brush (normal, circles, grid, splatter and squares).

Before selecting the Pencil* or Brush**, it is recommended to add a new layer to the workpage so that it is easier to isolate/edit your pencil and brush stokes in the future.

How to Select a Pencil

  1. Select the Pencil pencil tool from the Tools menu.

    pencil select


How to Select a Brush

  1. Select the Brush brush tool from the Tools menu.

    brush select


  2. Select the desired brush width (1-55) from the Brush width in the Tools Settings Bar.

    Brush Width


  3. Select the desired brush type from the Type in the Tools Settings Bar.

    Brush Type

    Brush Type When Use? Example
    Normal Simple brush stroke normal brush
    Circles Circular brush strokes circle brush
    Grid Grid-like brush strokes grid brush
    Splatter Splatter brush strokes splatter brush
    Squares Square brush strokes square brush