Remove Items

You can remove items a number of different ways using Pinta:

  • Cut: Select Cut under the Edit menu to delete anything in the image that's been selected.
  • Delete Key: Enter Delete on your keyboard to delete anything that has been selected.
  • Remove a Layer: Remove a layer to delete all items on the layer.
  • Eraser: Select Eraser to erase items from your layer.

Remove items with Cut or Delete

  1. Select the image containing items to be removed under the Images window.

    Image Window select image


  2. Select part of the image to remove using one of the selection tools.

    The following example uses the Rectangle Select to select part of the image:

    Cut Example


  3. Go to Edit and select Cut. Alternatively, press Delete on your keyboard.

    Select cut

    Here's what the example image looks like after selecting Cut or Delete:

    Crop Example Final

Remove Item by Removing Layer

If you save items on separate layers, you'll only need to remove a layer to remove the items from that layer.

The following shows an example of how this would be done.

  1. Create a layer that's blank or import a file to a layer.

  2. Add any objects to the layer.

    objects added to layer  

  3. Select the layer in the Layers window (it'll be selected if you just added the objects to the layer).

    Select Layer


  4. Select Delete Layer from the Layers window.

    Select delete layer

    The following shows the result of deleting layer 2 in the example above.

    before layer delete image

    after layer delete image

Remove Item With Eraser Tool

The eraser tool is ideal for removing a very small portion of an image or to do a touch up on a photo.

  1. Select Eraser Eraser from the Tools menu.
  2. Select the desired brush width (1-55) in the Tools Settings Bar.
  3. Click to erase and drag the Eraser onto the workspace to erase any part of the image, removing the item.