Clone Stamp Tool

The Clone Stamp tool clonestamp is used to select a section of the layer that will be replicated into another section. It sets a sample point (a region of pixels) which acts as a reference point for the new cloned area. The sample point and new cloned area can be on the same layer or different layers within the same image. This can be useful for eliminating troublesome sections that has multiple colors, patterns, or textures as it will replicate those section and place them in the layer.

  1. Select the Clone Stamp clonetool from the Tools menu.
  2. Adjust the Clone Stamp brush size using the brush width drop-down in the Tools Settings Bar.
  3. Turn anti-aliasing on or off depending on desired outcome. When turned on, the painted edges are smooth and when turned off, the edges appear more jagged.
  4. Select CTRL and click the desired part of the image to set sample point.
  5. Click and drag, as you would with the Paint Brush, to paint with the cloned sample point.