Release Notes 1.6

Released March 1st, 2015

This release includes many new features and improvements, as well as over 50 bug fixes:

New Features / Improvements:

Bug Fixes:

A full list of bug fixes is available at Launchpad.

Contributors for this release:

The following people directly contributed to this version of Pinta:

Andrew Davis, Cameron White, Don McComb, Jonathan Bergknoff, Jonathan Pobst, Marius Ungureanu, and Robert Nordan

Thanks to everyone who contributed translations, filed bugs, made packages, and everything else!

Contributors to past releases:

Aaron Bockover, Adam Doppelt, Adolfo Jayme Barrientos, Akshara Proddatoori, Andrew Davis, Anirudh Sanjeev, Balló György, Cameron White, Ciprian Mustiata, David Nabraczky, Don McComb, Elvis Alistar, Felix Schmutz, Greg Lowe, Hanh Pham, James Gifford, Jean-Michel Bea, Joe Hillenbrand, John Burak, Jon Rimmer, Jonathan Pobst, Juergen Obernolte, Khairuddin Ni’am, Krzysztof Marecki, Maia Kozheva, Manish Sinha, Marco Rolappe, Martin Geier, Mathias Fussenegger, Mikhail Makarov, Obinou Conseil, Olivier Dufour, Richard Cohn, Robert Nordan, and Tom Kadwill