Building Pinta

Building Pinta on Linux or *BSD

On Linux you can build Pinta on two ways: Either you can build by opening Pinta.sln in MonoDevelop and building from there, or you can use the makefile. When using the makefile you can install Pinta directly in to the default directory or specify a directory.

Building with the makefile

Building Pinta requires the following software:

mono mono-xbuild automake autoconf libmono-cairo2.0-cil gtk-sharp2

Pinta only supports version 2.8 or higher of Mono. Ubuntu 14.04 for example ships Mono 3.2.8. To check the version of Mono execute command:

mono -V

To build Pinta, run:



sudo make install

or if building from a tarball, run:



sudo make install

To use different installation directory than the default (/usr), run this instead:

./ --prefix=<install directory>

To uninstall Pinta, run:

sudo make uninstall

To clean all files created during the build process, run:

make cleanall

Note This will require you to rerun in order to run more make commands.

For a list of more make commands, run:

make help

Building Pinta on Ubuntu

Follow the below instructions to compile Pinta from GitHub on your Ubuntu system.

Install build development tools:

sudo apt-get build-dep pinta

Install git version control system:

sudo apt-get install git

Download program’s source code:

git clone Pinta

Change directory to Pinta:

cd Pinta

Automatic build system preparation:


Compile the code:


Run Pinta:

make install

Building Pinta on Windows & Mac

On Windows and Mac, you open Pinta.sln with Monodevelop, SharpDevelop or Visual Studio and build from there. To build the Windows installer you can use Visual Studio with the Votive plugin to build the WiX project.